Burkas2Bullets Global Release 2018. 

German Version 2018.



Kandahar is a 3 minute tribute to Canada's Service in Afghanistan. I shot this in 2010 during my embed with Operation Athena and the Canadian Forces. Please support all of our troops. The fallen and the living who are struggling on their return to their home countries. We are a Nation of caring people.

Television interview by Fanny Kiefer of Alison MacLean Tomboy Digital Productions.

Laura Wong Chinese Canadian Veteran WW2

Outside The Wire Promo Afghanistan

This 15 minute Promo is great for Educators to create informed dialogue about Canada and Nato led missions. Refer to vimeo.com/user5785392 for download. 

Burkas2Bullets Documentary features 2010-2017 in Afghanistan with Combat Camera Alison MacLean. This short scene shows the heroic actions of the Medevac Teams in the midst of Combat.
 MacLean's Magazine article on Family Law (Link Below)

MacLean's Magazine article on Family Law (Link Below)

Advocacy Worker and Keynote Speaker covering topics such as..

Women in Combat

Self Representation in Family Law

Combat Camera

Documenting/Archiving Canadian Stories


Filmmaker Alison MacLean spent three weeks among Canada’s Military in Afghanistan while preparing this revealing look at the women serving in combat roles on the front lines of the Afghan mission. This Film examines the life and death decisions of female officers in Battle Group Operations and the peril faced by women who venture beyond the front lines into enemy territory.
— Winnipeg Free Press-Brad Oswald
“Service that leaves a legacy of care...Outside the Wire (W Network) is an exception to the often tortured programs aired on this day...This Doc is definitely and admirably no-frills.”
The Globe and Mail-John Doyle
— The Globe and Mail

Broken In BC: This Is Not My Canada Documentary Promo

Burkas2Bullets,(2018), 72 minute POV Documentary Premiering at Artemis Film Festival as a Official Screening on April 28 in Santa Monica. German Version in 2018. 6 years of Combat Camera in Afghanistan embeded and outside the wire.Canadian, American, German, French, British, Dutch and Afghan Police and Military Women,featured. Women in Combat on the Frontlines as Documented by Alison MacLean. A personal journey through War and the empowerment of Women.Tomboy Digital Productions Vimeo Site